Spinning Chicken Workshop

is proud to present

SCW Treasures

                                        (Formerly "Toys For All Ages")

In the past few years Jim and Margie Elkins of the Spinning Chicken Workshop have had the opportunity to meet many creative and talented artists. They will be introducing you to some of the artists creations, along with the artists Bio's and descriptions of their works. 

No longer will you have to search art galleries, craft shows and art festivals to purchase 
those one-of-a-kind gifts and treasures for your friends, family and home! 

With 17 categories to choose from you are sure to find the pieces that speaks to you.

Each item will be an original work that has been created by an artist in the USA 
and, if applicable, signed by the artist.

                 When you purchase an item, it will be shipped directly to you from the listing artist.

SCW Treasures is only the portal to these great treasures and is not liable for shipping, quality, safety or refunds. All matters other than the sale are between the buyer and and the artist. 
Any issues will be quickly addressed by the respective artist. 

MSDS (material safety data sheet) for the items will be available upon request.