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In the past few years Jim and Margie Elkins of the Spinning Chicken Workshop have had the opportunity to meet many creative and talented artists as well as being blessed with many wonderful customers. 

This site is our way of giving back to our community by providing a place for members to sell their items.

This site is for individuals & home-based businesses!

There is no charge to become a member, no charge or commission on the sale of your items.

All we ask is that if you find this site useful for either sales or purchasing that you make a donation 
to help offset the cost of the site and it maintenance by using the
"Donate" button located at the bottom of this page.

Spinning Chicken Workshop is only providing this site.

Members are liable for shipping/delivery, quality, warranties, safety, payments/refunds and taxes.
All business matters are between the buyer and the selling member. 

Members will loose the right to use this site if we are contacted about any inappropriate business practices, however Spinning Chicken Workshop can not be held responsible for any members actions.

Members MUST be 18 yrs of age or have a parent co-listed on membership!

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